To produce best breeds for both animals and crops. To help farmers access the market for their products. To train farmers on how to manage their farms.

We buy good breeds from the local farmers hence creating the market for their products. We have over 20 people employed at our farm.

We process some of our farm products from their original state to more valuable products which easily appeal to our customers

We are dedicated to agricultural development and empowering farming communities around this world. Come to our farm, learn and spend time with us.

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For all your breeds

Located at Rwenjeru Biharwe – one km off Igongo Cultural Center and Hotel junction; on your right facing Kampala. Established on 01/01/2021

We are dedicated to agricultural development and empowering farming communities around this world.
CORE VALUES: Caring, Competence, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation


What we offer!

Animal breeds

We have the best breeds of cattle, goats, sheep and rabbit.

Crop breeds

Best breeds of all the seasonal and perennial crops. Plus best fruit trees.

Advisory services

We give advice regarding to Breeding and Calf/kid management

Buy & Supply Breeds

We buy good breeds from subscribing farmers and supply of breeds in bulky.

Agro tourism

Come and spend time with us in visiting farm stands, picking fruits, or feeding animals at our farm.

Farm Management Training

Mini ranch schemes management, Farm establishment and management, Herd management training



Have any idea or project for in your mind call us or schedule a appointment. Our representative will reply you shortly.

Working Process

Work that should be done on the farm


Managing the land

No farm can be successful unless the land is managed for maximum fertility. These activities can include using chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers or both. Many farmers add fertility to the soil with animal manure, compost or cover crops, which are grown to a certain point and then chopped up and turned into the soil to decompose.


Caring for Crops

A farmer might grow a variety of crops or focus on a single crop. Each crop must be planted as seeds or transplants and weeded or sprayed with herbicides. At some point, irrigation may be necessary. Many farmers also spray pesticides to prevent insect damage or use fungicides to prevent fungal infections. Crops such as trees must also be pruned for shape at any time of the year. Once the crops are ripe, they must be harvested.


Animal Husbandry

Some farms are devoted primarily to breeding, raising and training animals. The animals need daily care and must be fed and watered. Some animals are moved to fresh pasture every day.Milk cows must be milked once or twice a day. Mares and cows must be bred, managed throughout the pregnancy and helped to deliver as necessary. Farmers also provide routine veterinary care, such as immunizations, worming or castration.


Maintenance and Repair

General upkeep on a farm is a daily process. For example, fences must be tightened or repaired. Wooden fences, barns and outbuildings must be painted. Farm equipment such as tractors must be greased and oiled regularly. Shovels, hoes, post-hole diggers and chainsaws must be sharpened. In addition, a farm is a business, and the farmer must maintain records of crops and animals, sales and expenses, as well as employee payroll information.


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